You’ve Got to Move Them

Let’s face it.   A little bit of exercise or stretching has a way of lifting your spirits.   Why not start your religion lesson by waking up your class with healthful and prayerful movement? Spending three to five minutes with a little singing and dancing can easily brighten up a classroom of students.   As always, be sure to start by explaining your expectations for behavior and making sure that all students have enough room to move about.
Vacation Bible School Music Videos
I’ve used these for grades K-5 and they are fabulous!   I usually stand in the front of the room and do some of the movements to encourage my students to join in.   The following are my favorite ones:
This Little Light of Mine

St. Simon Says
There’s always time for a little game of “St. Simon Says” to give your students an opportunity to move.  You can tell your students that St. Simon was a follower of Jesus.   Other than that, it is just like Simon Says except the students are never “out” if they make the wrong move.   My students continue to play while encouraging one another and trying their best to be good listeners.   I usually try to include marching or silently jogging in place if my younger students really need to move.
Prayer Cheer
My last tip is to have your students participate in a “Prayer Cheer.”   I like to have students stand and cheer about what they’re thankful for.  I remind my students that we are praying and that I expect them to cheer with respect.   It is fun to sing it or say it while stepping side to side with a little clap.  I made up a simple tune and added a few easy dance moves to make it fun.   I like to choose a few students (as a reward for good behavior) to come to the front of the room to help lead.   Here is an example:
I just want to thank the Lord for everything that’s good in my life. 2 x
Thank you, Lord for my blessings! 3 x
If you have time you can cheer for different specific blessings such as families, friends, pets, homes, school, etc.   Sometimes I pause after one round of the cheer and I call on students to share something they’re thankful for.   Then I lead the whole class in putting up their hands and cheering for whatever the student shared.  Other times I pass around a ball and have students share their blessings.   When my students tell me that they’re thankful for Jesus I feel overjoyed to stand and cheer right along with them!

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