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Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.  1Thessalonians 5:11
The beginning of the school year is such an exciting time for all! It is the perfect time to try new procedures for positive classroom management. I’m happy to share an incentive that worked very well for my fourth grade students last year.
On the first day of class I introduced a beautiful little angel statue that I found at a Catholic gift shop.  I told my students that during class I would be looking for a very polite student to be recognized as the “Class Angel” and that he or she would keep the angel on his or her desk until the next religion lesson.  Of course, I played up the whole concept by pointing out students who were listening well, or always raising their hands as possible candidates.   At the end of the lesson I waited until everyone was quiet before I made the big announcement and told everyone to clap for this student.   I was sure to explain the specific reasons why I chose a particular student.
During the following lesson I told the Class Angel that she would be observing her classmates during religion class and that she would be choosing the next student.  This procedure quickly became a lovely way to encourage my students to make good choices during our lessons and to notice the good behavior of their fellow classmates.  After a couple of weeks I decided to add a second angel so that more students could be recognized during each lesson.   I also kept a class list to mark off which students had been chosen and I shared this list with the Class Angel to make sure that no one was left out.
There are three reasons why I love this incentive.  First, seeing the angels on the desks is a positive reminder to act like an angel.  Second, the angels remind my students of the presence of our own Guardian Angels who are always inspiring us to be good.   Third, the smiles on my students’ faces while one of their classmates explain why they were chosen always makes me smile.
We can always find ways to encourage one another and build each other up.  We can always give our students opportunities to do the same.  I hope you’ve found some inspiration for an exciting new school year with your own Class Angels!


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