The Gift of Attending NCEA

It really was a tremendous gift.  I feel so loved by God!   I’m extremely grateful for the beautiful adventure and the joyful inspiration… Thank you, Jesus!
This is what I want to keep in my heart:
All over America there are visible angels teaching and doing the Lord’s work.   How inspiring it was to be in the presence of over 8,000 like-minded, courageous educators!  We are all doing our part to build up the Kingdom.   Meeting several charming and compassionate educators was a real treat.  We bonded by sharing the joys and challenges of our vocation.   It made realize that lately I had begun to feel a little insignificant or even a bit lowly as a religion teacher.  No more!  I’m serving my Almighty God and Father!   I belong to a big, beautiful Catholic family of faith!   I’m spreading the Good News of the Gospel to my students!   Faith formation!  What work could possibly be more important?
Celebrating mass and listening to the keynote speaker on the first day of the conference was such a joy!  Jonathan Doyle encouraged me and strengthened my heart for my vocation.   He ignited my confidence for doing the Lord’s work.  I really appreciate what he shared in his keynote address called, “Finding Purpose in the Education Vocation.” Here are my notes on a few points from his talk as I heard them:
It is no accident that you are a Catholic teacher.   God knew from all eternity that you would have certain skills, talents and passion for service of young people and the world.   If he called you into it, he will sustain you.
You cannot do a supernatural task with only natural resources.
The way is a person.   Stay close to Jesus.
God is not done with you yet!  You have no idea what you’re capable of!
In the time that you have left, will you please do all the good that you can?
Be a saint!
Jonathan’s words definitely kindled my passion and pride for what I do!  I’m reading his newest book called Tools and Fuels: How Catholic teachers can become Saints, Beat Burnout and Save the World and I highly recommend it.  Thankfully his entire keynote address is available here:
Blog NCEA 2017

Encouraging Messages From Jonathan Doyle’s Keynote Address

Jonathan is an internationally renowned speaker on Catholic education. He has spoken to over 300,000 Catholic teachers to date, 400 schools subscribe to his weekly online staff formation program in Catholic identity called, “Going Deeper” and he has produced a wide variety of resources to help Catholic teachers.

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