Salt and Pepper for Religion Class

Ingredients for an Engaging Lesson
Variety is the spice of life!    I’ve come to realize that variety is also paramount to planning an effective religion lesson.    Adding a little “seasoning” is very helpful for engaging a classroom full of personalities and learning styles.  I want my students to love learning about God and to feel that they are valued and successful during my lessons.   Adding a little “salt and pepper” to each lesson-art, music, technology, drama, or a game can make learning objectives memorable and enjoyable.   In addition, I try to include a variety of spiritual experiences.  Some students respond best to quiet and peaceful prayers, and some students respond best to exciting prayer cheers.   Why not include both?   I’m always searching for new ways to achieve this and it’s interesting to see how my students respond.   One of the parents of a kindergarten student I had last year told me a delightful story.   The sweet girl told her mom that she had a new talent.   When she asked her daughter what it was she happily told her, “Religion!”

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